At TOPINGREDIENTS B.V., it is our goal to realise your innovative ideas. We help you to achieve your wishes in relation to innovative ingredients. Sometimes innovative products and ideas do not go to market because they seem to be impossible. We like to challenge ourselves and make it possible. Thinking in solutions, sourcing unique ingredients, meeting your requirements, acting quick and pursue until it is realised, clearly describe who we are. Ingredients in any shape, size, quantity and application, we can do it. 

Do you have a great idea, a specific requirement, or a need for an ingredient but:

  the specific ingredient is not available
  the specific ingredient is not available in the required shape
  whatever you are looking is not available at your current scope of supplier
  you are looking for innovative ingredients but you lack inspiration
  you require a smaller quantity than the MOQ of your supplier
  the required quantity is in the short run not available at your supplier
  your current supplier has decided to stop supplying you
  the market is ‘empty’ and you need to wait until new crop
  it seems like that the specific ingredient cannot be found


Don't drop your idea, TOPINGREDIENTS B.V. is here to help you! 
Together we realise the ingredients for your innovative ideas!!


INGREDIENTS : FrOM Frozen specialities, ambiant inclusions to TAILOR-MADE

TOPINGREDIENTS innovates with ingredients such as frozen fruit, superfruit, and superfood frozen, simply the best

Are you looking for frozen specialities? The nutritional aspects are preserved by freezing the product. A frozen ingredient is suitable for multiple applications. We can supply you exotic fruit and vegetables, spices, vegan botanical products and sweet confectionary ingredients.

TOPINGREDIENTS specializes in innovative freezedried ingredients unique texture and free-flowing

Freezedried fruit, vegetable and meat varieties are great! We love it because of its great crunch. The taste, colour and nutritional aspects remain after freezedrying. Would you be interested to work with a supplier, which can freezedry uncommon, new innovative raw materials? Or are you looking for a specific unique dried fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, biscuit crumbs with a specific bite and size, TOPINGREDIENTS helps you realise finding the required ingredients.

TOPINGREDIENTS supplies innovative ingredients for product development of new food products out-of-the-box

Do you want to introduce a new product but you have difficulty in finding the appropriate ingredient in terms of size, bite, risk of contamination of a certain allergen? Is it not yet innovative or creative? Or, or, or…?

We are not limited to a specific assortment and simply focus on the ‘gems’, which are unique in its categorie. Due to this fact, TOPINGREDIENTS can supply you with a large variety of ingredients. Challenge us and experience how we can support you.

Challenge us