TOPINGREDIENTS works together with customer from various productcategories within the food industry. We can be of added value for every company that regards innovation as part of their strategy. Our strength is that we can think along and realise your ideas regarding innovative ingredients which are usually also difficult to source. By our dedication, problemsolving aspects and large network within the industry, we can act quickly. Read below what customers think of us. 

Sanne van Zon - Manager Sourcing, Quality & Taste Engineering Tony's Chocolonely

"We have been working with TOPINGREDIENTS since 2016, and we are a very happy customer. When we have an out of the box idea for an ingredient, we always go to Nanne. Where most suppliers would try to talk us out of it, Nanne likes the challenge and has always been able to realize this idea into a high quality product that fits into our Sourcing Policy."

Marc Lauverjat, Business Development Manager at Dailycer

"This very unique ingredient that nobody else could get us, that is what TOPINGREDIENTS did for us. Once Nanne Nicolai, owner of TOPINGREDIENTS, gave me a call and invited me to join him in Denmark. Somehow he had managed to find a local producer that could process the ingredient tailored to my needs and that I had been looking for for what seemed to be eternity. That day my project became reality and our innovation hit the supermarket shelves a few months later. Thank you TOPINGREDIENTS for your professionalism, your reactivity, your dedication to your customers, your deep knowledge of the food industry, and for banning « impossible » from our language. You got us top ingredients and you have always been on top of things along the way."

Murk Vermeeren - Co-Founder Frecious

"Nice personal contact. And for 'difficult-to-find' ingredients, we can always contact TOPINGREDIENTS"

Diederick van Merkestijn - Owner Virgin Nuts

"TOPINGREDIENTS = innovative. Their ingredients offer us the opportunity to introduce striking and innovative products on the European market. Short lines and a quick and professional feedback, us to promptly provide our customers with the necessary information."


  Tony’s Chocolonely had been looking for a supplier that you could produce small pieces of freeze-dried stewed pear for many years. Until 2016 they could not find a company which could produce it. By creating a supply-chain of 3 different companies, we managed to have this produced.

  An industrial bakery required bake-stable white chocolate chips and organic certified. They had been looking for it for a long time but could not find it but after an intensive search process we managed to find this ingredient.

  One of the largest European processors of frozen fruit needed at the end of season a large quantity of IQF pomegranate arils. Their current supplier was out-of-stock and also other suppliers could not supply them. Due to our strong network,we managed to find the required quantity in the right quality.

  The supplier of one of our customers decided to stop supplying him because the quantity of 1T was too small. He required crumbs of kitkat-like-chocolate for an ice-cream application. We managed to find a certified production facility and produce the requested quantity.

  A chocolate coater had received an inquiry for pretzels with chocolate. Unfortunately pretzel sticks are not suitable to be coated. When we proposed the recently discovered ball-shaped pretzels, the customer could fulfil the request of his customer.


We focus on the European food industry and work together with manufacturers in different categories, which would like to introduce new innovative products. Below you can see for what applications we have unique ingredients.