IQF fruit and vegetables

Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) means that fresh product is frozen directly after is has been picked and processed. In this way, the good aspects of the fruit are preserved. We can supply you exotic and uncommon fruit and vegetables, and most of them are famous for their large amount of healthy aspects. Examples in the picture are fresh frozen goji berries, sea buckthorn berries, golden berries, pomegranate arils, lychee, red dragonfruit, coconut, organic seaweed, organic edamame beans. But we can also supply you other frozen fruit such as guave, figs, rambutan.

Frozen fruit puree and juice

Some fruit are only available as puree or juice due to the type of fruit or the way of processing. An example of this is frozen acai puree or yuzu juice. But we can also supply you with frozen acerola puree, calamansi puree, watermelon juice, cactusfig, kaki, passionfruit, elderflower, etc.

Other specialities

We have increased our assortment with other specialities like a frozen vegan products (mini-falafel, soja chunks), frozen spices (lemongrass puree, kaffir lime leafes, habanero and jalapeno peppers), and sweet confectionary and bakery products (peanutbuttercups, carrotcake crumbs,  red velvet cake dices)

TOPINGREDIENTS specializes in innovative freezedried ingredients

Freezedried ingredients

The assortment is unlimited. We have supplied customers with freezedried ingredients like stewed pear, figs, pomegranate seeds, red dragonfruit, ginger, raspberry crumble, physalis, organic kale and acai powder. But we can also deliver freezedried mini marshmallows, which are suitable for inside a box of cereals. 

Moreover, we have the possibility to supply freezedried crustaceans, fish, meat. Since we are not bound to one specific manufacturer, we can work together with that partner that meets our requirement regarding capacity and leadtime.

TOPINGREDIENTS supplies vegan products which are free of allergens, peanuts, sesame seeds and glutenfree.

Dried fruit

We are continuously searching for new dried fruit products with exceptional properties. As an example, we can provide you with small organic cranberries, goji berries, amarena cherries, blue berries, acai, dates, pear, rhubarb, lemonpeel, orangepeel, yuzu peel and dried coconut dices. 

And recently we also added dried mango balls. Perfect for snacking.

TOPINGREDIENTS entwickelt innovative rohware für Produktentwicklung der Lebensmittelindustrie

Dried vegetables

"Eat the Rainbow" is a saying. Variation in colour is important, and eating vegetables makes always sense. Vegetables has gained popularity because everybody knows it is healthy. In this way, dried vegetable are also positioned as a snack. On the picture you notice corn, sliced carrot and sliced beetroot. But of course, you can also contact us for other dried vegetables.

TOPINGREDIENTS develops new innovative food ingredients for the European food industry



In order to support the vegan revolution, we are offering a unique product. We are supplier of aquafaba. Aquafaba is the best alternative for replacing egg(white) in recipes. Aquafaba is the liquid which one can find in a tin of canned chickpeas. It has certain characteristics that it can fully substitute egg in products like meringue, macaron, but also bakeryproducts like muffins and brownies. Next to that you can also create a very smooth creamy mayonaise with our product. We supply it direct-to-use in bags for food-industry without having to waste the chickpeas. 

TOPINGREDIENTS develops new innovative food ingredients for the European food industry


Other ingredients

We are not limited by a specific assortment. We focus on different categories and within each category, we choose the ‘gems’ which are, for whatever reason, unique in its kind. As a result we can supply you with a variety of ingredients. 

To give you an idea of what we do else, look at picture on the left. Here you see raw pumpkinseed protein powder, granulate of roasted pistachenuts, or crushed pumpkinseeds flakes. But we can also supply you with a range of biscuit crumbs such as oreo-style cookie crumble, oat cookie, shortbread, gingerbread crumble.

TOPINGREDIENTS has a unique range of pretzels, nuts, dried fruit and biscuit and cookie crumble

Pretzel balls

Pretzels in the shape of sticks or a twisted knot is well-known to many of us. When a chocolate company asked us to search for such ingredient but then suitable for inside chocolate, we came in contact with a manufacturer which also showed us the ball-shaped pretzels. A unique product due to its appearance and therefore fits perfectly with our company. 

We simply love the product and see many opportunities in the segment of snacking. Either as plain salted, or  chocolate coated or as a caramelized pretzel bite with some spices. Moreover, the plain salted version could also do well as a crouton in salad or soup. Try them and become convinced.

Next to this, we also supply regular-size pretzel and pretzel granulate for chocolate and ice cream application.




TOPINGREDIENTS is a manufacturer of frozen goji berries, yuzu juice, acai puree, sea buckthorn berries, red dragonfruit, pitahaya, strawberries and organic raspberries

Freezedried stewed pear crumbs

The productdeveloper of Tony’s Chocolonely had a wish for many years to create a chocolatebar with the traditional spice-infused Dutch stewed pear. They had been looking for a supplier for a long time. Until 2016, they had not succeeded due to multiple challenges related to ingredients, availability and production. We took up this challenge and we managed to develop and supply crumbs of freezedried stewed pear. We enjoy complex projects, and at the end, we managed to realise it by connecting 3 different companies in the supply chain. In 2017, Tony’s Chocolonely launched this chocolatebar with stewed pear as part of their Limited’s range.